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Enough UV lights to blow us all away!

In the gender equality project they are going all in on the UV lights! They set up multiple small exhibitions in their room to stand up for women’s rights.

The UV lights are presenting most of the project, making it stand out from the others. There are a lot of small projects within this big one, it’s probably one of the more interesting projects of the week.

Some of these smaller projects are things like a shelf they put up filled with sticky notes and small clutter, but although clutter and kind of random things they all stad up for women rights.

There is also a weight set up, on one end we have men and on the other there are women. The men are set to weigh more because people think that men are with more than women.

This project is definitely gonna be interesting!

Written by: Malou Aasholm Mikkelsen 7.i Photografer: Sophia Dichow 7.i

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